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Bone Grafting

Various bone graft procedures may be necessary to prepare the jaw bone for conventional dentures, prior to placement of implants, or to restore lost bone.  Dr. Smiler has been doing ground-breaking research and treatment using the patient’s stem cells and a synthetic bone graft material to reconstruct lost bone.  This new procedure greatly increases bone graft success without the pain and swelling associated with taking the patient’s own bone. You are encouraged to discuss these various procedures with Dr. Smiler and receive some of the articles he has written for professional journals. 

Stem Cells for Bone Graft and Tissue Success:

Obtaining your stem cells is an in-the-office procedure that increases bone graft success, and the viable aspirated stems cells are incorporated into our graft material.  The Bone Marrow Aspiration Technique (how we get your stem cells for the bone graft procedure) can be performed with local anesthesia, intra-venous or oral sedation, or with general anesthesia.  You will have little or no post operative discomfort and be able to continue normal and routine activities immediately with only a Band-Aid covering the aspiration site.
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