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Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth, at the very least, can affect the beauty of your smile, and in some cases, can even make you seem older. But more than that, missing teeth can greatly affect your health, both orally and medically.  At The Smiler Center for Dental Excellence, we specialize in dental implants in our Encino office.  We understand that your health is the most important thing. Please review the information below. To learn more about implants, feel free to give us a call!

When you are missing teeth, there are several things that can occur:

  • First, it can affect the way your jaw opens and closes. When teeth are missing, it can often cause your natural bite to shift, and over time can affect the health of the jaw joint leading to deterioration of cartilage, headaches, and pain while eating. 
  • Second, the teeth surrounding the area of the missing teeth may begin to move or shift into the gap that was created.  This can cause food to become trapped which, if not cleaned properly, can result in gum and bone infection. 
  • Third, missing teeth affects the health of the gum tissue and jaw bone in that area. This can cause pain, difficulty chewing food which can affect your nutrition, and potential deterioration of the bone that may make additional future restoration difficult if not impossible.
  • Finally, missing teeth can change the appearance of your face.  Not only will you try to hide your smile, but missing teeth can also affect the shape of your face, especially as bone loss occurs.   
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